Saint Petersburg postcard. Sent January 18, 1938.

This is one of my favorite postcards from my personal collection. One common theme running through these sendable pieces of art is the fact that while winter is in full bloom wherever you live, in Florida it’s warm enough to wear a sundress and pick oranges! But don’t worry northeners, summer is right around the corner!

This postcard has actually been used, more specifically January 18, 1938!! Can you believe that!? It’s addressed to Miss. Gladys Kuhnla, it reads (to the best of my de-coding):

Hello Honey, We had friends take us out riding this afternoon and they took us over to Passa Grill and near Indian Rocks, Real hot and we enjoyed it. Mothers letter arrived today with Mrs D(cannot figure this one out) letter. Love to All, Grandpa

Pass a grille and Indian Rocks are both beaches in Florida that you can still go and visit!