To Florida.

I see Florida as its own magical amusement park. If I had the money I’d open up a place and call it FLORIDALAND. Florida’s history is so rich and full of the bizarre, the unusual, the imaginative and the wonderful that you’d never get bored. Sometimes the rides might break down, be lost forever. The only proof they ever existed is a picture in a book or a thought in your head. But down that long sandy beach, some of those places, those memories, you can visit again. Some of those places are still around waiting to say hello.

Lotsa people just have one view of the ol’ Sunshine State. They never got outta Orlando, maybe they had a bad run in at the old folks home or a meth lab. But that’s just one small slice of the key lime pie.

I don’t know everything about Florida, heck I haven’t even visited half of it! But boy do I love it there. So let’s make a deal:  I’m gonna tell you about Florida and you’re gonna listen, because whether you like the place or not, you won’t find it anywhere else!